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Since 1958, the Society of Illustrators has elected to its Hall of Fame artists recognized for their distinguished achievement in the art of illustration. Artists are elected by former presidents of the Society and are chosen based on their body of work and the impact it has made on the field of illustration.

2020: Jeffrey Catherine Jones
Jeffrey Catherine Jones was an artist ahead of their time. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Jones escaped a tumultuous childhood, and attended college at Georgia State College, meeting fellow artist and then-wife Louise Simonson. Upon graduation, the growing, young family relocated…
2020: Drew Struzan
Drew Struzan> is one of pop-culture’s most easily recognizable contemporary illustrators. His childhood was one of poverty. College did not change that cycle. Nevertheless, his talent earned him a full scholarship from Art Center College of Design straight out of…
2020: Barbara Nessim
Barbara Nessim briefly worked in the textile industry after graduating from Pratt Institute in 1960. That same year, Nessim entered the Society of Illustrators’ 2nd Annual, and received recognition for her monotype etchings “Man and Machine". With this prestigious accolade,…
2020: Thomas Blackshear
After graduating from the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Thomas Blackshear worked for the Hallmark Card Company in Kansas City, Missouri. While there, he met the famous illustrator Mark English and became his apprentice. By 1980, he was working…
2020: Edmund Dulac
French/British artist Edmund Dulac’s illustrations appeared in magazines, books, and stamps. A native of France, Dulac spent a brief period of time at the Académie Julian before moving to London in 1904. His first commissions were for the publisher J.M.…
2020: Jean Henri Gaston Giraud (Mœbius)
French artist, writer, and cartoonist Jean Henri Gaston Giraud garnered worldwide acclaim under the pseudonyms Mœbius and Gir. Born in the suburbs of Paris in 1938, Giraud spent his youth navigating a post-World War II reconstructivist Europe, finding solace in…

Previous Hall of Fame Inductees

2019: Roz Chast, Vincent Di Fate , Mark Summers, Frank Godwin, Mary Petty, Alice Barber Stephens
2018: Robert Crumb, Kate Greenaway, René Gruau, Jack Kirby, Heinrich Kley , Hilary Knight, James McMullan, Kay Nielsen, C. F. Payne
2017: Mort Drucker, Bart Forbes, Anita Kunz, Ralph Steadman, Burne Hogarth, George Petty, Gustaf Tenggren
2016: Marshall Arisman, Rolf Armstrong, Guy Billout, Peter de Sève, William Glackens, Beatrix Potter, Richard Powers
2015: Bernard D’Andrea, Walter Baumhofer, Will Eisner , Virgil Finlay, Ted and Betsy Lewin, Patrick Oliphant, Arthur Szyk
2014: Mary Blair, Walter Everett, Al Jaffee, William Cameron Menzies, Alex Raymond, Ed Sorel, Syd Mead
2013: Ted CoConis, Sandy Kossin, Murray Tinkelman, George Herriman, Arthur Rackham, Charles M. Schulz
2012: R.O. Blechman, John Collier, Nancy Stahl, Ludwig Bemelmans, Edward Gorey, John Sloan
2011: Fred Otnes, Jerry Pinkney, Kenneth Paul Block, Alan E. Cober, Robert Heindel, Arthur William Brown Recognition Award: Monte Beauchamp
2010: Wilson McLean, Chris Van Allsburg, Charles Edward Chambers, Earl Oliver Hurst, Orson Byron Lowell, Arthur William Brown Recognition Award: Richard Berenson, Dean Cornwell Achievement Award: Scott Bakal and Robert Zimmerman
2009: Paul Davis, Arnold Roth, Mario Ruben Cooper, Laurence Fellows, Herbert Morton Stoops, Arthur William Brown Recognition Award: Joyce Rogers Kitchell, Dean Cornwell Achievement Award – Abby Merrill
2008: Benton and Matt Clark, Kinuko Y. Craft, Naiad and Walter Einsel, Arthur William Brown Recognition Award: Judy and Arthur Zankel , Dean Cornwell Achievement Award: Irene Gallo and Dan Dos Santos
2007: David Grove, Gary Kelley, Edward Windsor Kemble, Russell Patterson, George Stavrinos, Arthur William Brown Achievement Award: Warren Rogers
2006: Gilbert Bundy, Bradshaw Crandell, Keith Ferris, Harold Foster, Frank H. Netter, MD, Alvin J. Pimsler, Jack Neal Unruh, Arthur William Brown Achievement Award: Nan Lee Roberts, Dean Cornwell Recognition Award: Jill Bossert
2005: Jack Davis, Brad Holland, Herbert Paus, Albert Beck Wenzell, Arthur William Brown Achievement Award: Murray Tinkelman
2004: John Berkey, John Groth, Robert Andrew Parker, Saul Steinberg, Dean Cornwell Recognition Award: Lila Acheson Wallace
2003: Elaine Duillo, David Levine, Bill Mauldin, Jack Potter, Dean Cornwell Recognition Award: Barnett Plotkin
2002: E. Simms Campbell, Milton Glaser, Jean-Leon Huens , Daniel Schwartz, Dean Cornwell Recognition Award: Wendy Popp, Rudy Gutierrez
2001: John James Audubon, William H. Bradley, Howard Brodie, Felix Octavius Carr Darley, Charles R. Knight, Franklin McMahon, Arthur William Brown Achievement Award: Henry Fleming, Dean Cornwell Recognition Award: Alice Price
2000: James Bama, David Stone Martin, Alice and Martin Provensen, Nell Brinkley, Charles Livingston Bull, James Allen St. John
1999: Mitchell Hooks, Andrew Loomis, Antonio Lopez, Stanley Meltzoff, Thomas Moran, Rose O’Neill, Adolph Treidler
1998: Edward Penfield, Frank Frazetta, Martha Sawyers, Kerr Eby, Robert M Cunningham, Boris Artzybasheff
1997: Diane and Leo Dillon, Frank McCarthy, Chesley Bonestell, Joe DeMers, Maynard Dixon, Harrison Fisher
1996: Herb Tauss, Anton Otto Fischer, Winsor McCay, Violet Oakley, Mead Schaeffer
1995: James Avati, McClelland Barclay, Joseph Clement Coll, Frank E. Schoonover
1994: Harry Anderson, Elizabeth Shippen Green
1993: Robert McGinnis, Thomas Nast, Coles Phillips
1992: Joe Bowler, Edwin A. Georgi, Dorothy Hood
1991: Donald Teague, Jessie Willcox Smith, William A. Smith
1990: Burt Silverman, Robert Riggs, Morton Roberts
1989: Erté, John Held Jr., Arthur Ignatius Keller
1988: Robert T. McCall, René Bouché, Pruett Carter
1987: Maurice Sendak, Haddon Sundblom
1986: Al Hirschfeld, Rockwell Kent
1985: Robert Weaver, Charles Marion Russell, Arthur Burdett Frost
1984: Neysa Moran McMein, John LaGatta, James Williamson
1983: Mark English, Noel Sickles, Franklin Booth
1982: John Clymer, Henry Patrick Raleigh, Eric (Carl Erickson)
1981: Stanley W Galli, F.R. Gruger, John Gannam
1980: Saul Tepper, Howard Chandler Christy, James Montgomery Flagg
1979: Benjamin Albert Stahl, Edwin Austin Abbey, Lorraine Fox
1978: Maxwell Coburn Whitmore, Norman Mills Price, Frederic Remington
1977: Robert Peak, Wallace Morgan, J.C. Leyendecker
1976: John Falter, Winslow Homer, Harvey Dunn
1975: Bernard Fuchs, Maxfield Parrish, Howard Pyle
1974: Tom Lovell, Charles Dana Gibson, Newell Conver Wyeth
1973: Jon Whitcomb
1972: Ray Prohaska
1971: Stevan Dohanos
1970: Rube Goldberg
1969: Austin Briggs
1968: Peter Helck
1967: Robert Fawcett
1966: Al Dorne
1965: Al Parker
1964: Arthur William Brown
1963: Walter Biggs
1962: Edward Wilson
1961: Floyd Davis
1960: Fred Cooper
1959: Dean Cornwell, Harold Von Schmidt
1958: Norman Rockwell

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