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Juan Astasio Soriano
Small Things
Medium: Illustrations: Pencil, ink, and gouache on paper. / Book: offset printing on one-sided fluorescent paper

Small Things is a visual reflection about the small things we take for granted—and are perhaps the most important.

The main theme of the book is expressed not only in the text and the illustrations, but also on the design of the book. Humble and simple at a first glance, there are small gestures that make it special, such as the paper, the black staples, and the subtle color accents on the cover. I was able to track down the same paper I used for crafts at school when I was as a kid. The paper is white on one side and fluorescent orange on the other. The French fold binding serves a double purpose: on one hand it hides the neon color, only visible around the edges, in the same way that small things often hide a greater meaning inside of them. On the other hand it gives the book a light an airy sensation on the hands; it feels like it’ll fly away with the first gust of wind.

The book encloses a limited signed print, printed on black and neon orange.

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