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CATEGORY: Surface-Product Design

Emily Jo Eldridge
POP! Paint Our Parks
Medium: Patio Paint on Asphalt

To add a “POP” of color to the Arthur Langford Jr. Park in Atlanta, Georgia, I teamed up with SCAD SERVE and The City of Atlanta for the “Paint Our Parks” initiative. I created a mural to help revitalize 3 run-down and neglected basketball courts in the park (one full court and two half courts). After working with a resurfacing team to make repairs, I worked with a group of SCAD students and volunteers to paint a fresh design that visually interprets the energy of basketball through the use of bold shapes and colors. Influenced by coach playbooks and game diagrams, the painted shapes represent the movement and dynamism of the players and the game.

Client: SCAD
Art Director: Dean Ballas

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