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Veronyka Jelinek
Jirka In A Cube (original title: Jirka v kostce)
Medium: paper scraps, finger drawing and painting in Procreate

Jirka lives ‘in a cube’ with his parents and a pet guinea-pig, and all the neighbours — the building is lot of ‘cubes’ on top of each other. Jirka’s imagination fills in the simple surroundings, turns every item at home into a musical instrument or the stairs become infinite when wash is needed.

Shades of grey, textured papers and roughly painted cubes give a backdrop to boldly drawn and collaged adventures of Jirka as his imagination escalates from simpler images to heavily layered ones. While the child narrates his own story the illustrations weave playfulness and reality giving an impression you could change or add anything whenever you please.

Client: Beziliska Publishing
Art Director: Frantisek Havluj

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