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Art by Lorraine Fox

Lorraine Fox

Want the perfect gift but can’t attend the Holiday Craft Fair?

In addition to the Holiday Craft Fair festivities, the Society has invited our Members to submit an original piece of art for an online auction.

The online auction will be held from December 2 – 12, 2023 at 6pm.

Pieces will also be reproduced on ornaments that will hang on a Christmas tree located next to the 128 Bar in the third floor gallery!

“Happy Hour” by Martha Colon

“Wien” by Francesco Ciccolella

“Mountain Sunrise” by Davide Bonazzi

“Nostalgia” by Kanika Khurana

“Esther” by Abby Merrill

“Taylor’s Queer American Sugar” by Lynn St. Clare

“The Witches” by Julia Wald

The Power of Art” by Francesco Ciccolella

Woman in Colorful Rain” by Liza Donnelly

“Eclipse” by Colin Zhang

“Invisible Man” by Johnny Dombrowski

Thank you to our Partners! 

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