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Art by Lorraine Fox

The Society of Illustrators, alongside our partner
East Midtown Partnership, has organized a day of festive music and fun!

Programming Schedule

10:00 AM |  Fabio Pimentel Torres

11:00 AM  |  Metropolis Strings

12:00 PM |  Mylez Gittens

1:00 PM   | Randy Naraine

2:30 PM   |  NYC Gay Men’s Chorus

4:00 PM  |  Anna Siciliano Quartet


Performances will take place throughout the Society’s galleries.

Illustration by Joan Chiverton.

Anna Siciliano has been deeply rooted in music since childhood, studying both at LaGuardia High School and The New School’s program of jazz and contemporary music. Her classical background combined with her jazz training and neosoul influences create a melodically intricate experience. Her quartet features bass, piano, and drums.

The Anna Siciliano Quartet will be joined by Justin Gibble, Caelen Carrillo, and Stanley Ruvinov. 

From the most intimate settings to major venues including Broadway stages and Carnegie Hall, the versatile musicians of Metropolis Strings have performed together in New York and across the globe. Their outstanding musicianship is elevated because there is no better experience than collaborating and making music with friends.

Mylez Gittens has been deeply tuned with music since birth, having over a decade of experience as a classically trained violinist studying at Royal School of Music (UK), Berklee College of Music, and City College (NYC) . Mylez Gittens has gained quite a notable reputation for his solo career and collaborations.

We are thrilled to host the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus, a world-renowned NYC performing arts institution and a pioneering voice for the LGBTQIA+ community!

NYCGMC is comprised of more than 260 talented singers of various ages, backgrounds, and experiences. Together, we produce a vibrant sound and energy that audiences can feel and connect with. Through the power of this sound, and our spectacular performances, we are fearless champions for love, equality, and acceptance.

“To sing together is to form a family. To sing for an audience is to invite you into our family.”

Image from New York City Gay Men’s Chorus
Pride Concert: Chasing Rainbows

Thank you for our Partners!

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