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Enjoy these fun games at home with your little ones! More to come! 

On-The-Go Town! A fun, indoor activity for your little ones to visit their favorite places in town! Good for ages 2+

  • Print out our On-The-Go Town coloring pages! Featuring a bank, coffee shop, fire station, grocery store, hospital, library, mechanic, park, school and zoo (if you don’t have a printer, you can trace the drawings). Click on the image to enlarge and print.
  • Start a color party! Choose your favorite colors and color in your town’s busy shops.
  • Tape each building anywhere on a wall in your space!
  • Choose toys that go with the buildings and place them around the drawings. For example, place a tea set or cups around the coffee shop; put your stuffies around the zoo; books can go near the library; toy food can go near the grocery store!
  • Pick a car. Now it’s time to do some shopping!
  • Plan a dinner party. Go to the grocery store and pick up some ingredients! Stop at the coffee shop and have a tea party while you wait for your car to get fixed at the mechanic. Fix your car! Choose some friends from the zoo to join your dinner party.
  • Now it’s time to enjoy your dinner party!

Illustrations by Steven J. Compton. 

ANIMAL EXPLORER: Which animals live where? Seek and Find Game! Created by Clare Pernice.

  • Print out the animals’ habitat coloring pages, badges, and animal coloring pages. The 7 habitats feature woodland, mountain, desert, ocean, jungle, savannah, and polar. There are 28 different animals to color.
  • You will need your favorite coloring supplies, scissors, tape or a glue stick, and a paper bag.
  • Color the badges and the animals and cut them out.
  • Color the habitats.
  • Tape or glue the badges to your paper bag.
  • Dress up as an Explorer- you will need your bag to collect your animals- you can wear a t-shirt, shorts or pants, a hat to protect you from the sun and rain, a scarf to keep warm in the cold, and comfortable shoes for walking around. You will start your exploration from the Habitat Home Base.
  • The 7 habitats are laid out in a row at the Habitat Home Base. The animals are then hidden all around your home.
  • Use your bag to go seek and find the animals.
  • When you have collected all 28 take the animals out, one at a time from the bag and place the animal on the habitat where it lives. There are 4 animals for each habitat.
  • Think of more animals to draw and add them to your game. Have fun being an explorer!
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