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Hanging from Tree Limbs – Print

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14-3/4 x 24 inches

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Following years of requests to create a series of Fine Art quality prints for framing and hanging on the wall (without having to mutilate any published books), Mr. Sendak agreed to select his favorite images that could be enjoyed as art without being directly connected to printed texts. The Portfolio PICTURES was published in 1971 by Harper & Row. Among those selected were four double-page images from his 1964 Caldecott Award winning classic “Where The Wild Things Are”.

For this purpose, the original artwork then housed at the Sendak Archives at the Rosenbach Museum & Library (Philadelphia) were re-photographed for precise reproduction. Each of the images is perfectly reproduced and for the very first time these images were now viewed on single sheets of paper (without any center crease or division).

14-3/4 x 24 inches

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