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Joke In A Box


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Have you ever been grappling with your creative work, but found yourself hitting a wall?

Here’s the thing—sometimes you push through a wall. And sometimes, you need to reset your mind so that you can attack the problem with fresh eyes. That’s where Joke in a Box comes in!

Designed as an at-home version of New Yorker cartoonist Emily Flake’s popular workshop, Joke in a Box will provide a gateway into the craft of joke writing and construction, with modular prompts designed to help you see the world in a more playful and inventive way. Presented with care, empathy, and a sense of joy, this 70-card deck full of exercises and ideas is useful not just to gag writing and drawing, but to any form that speaks to you as a creator. Exercises focus on idea generations techniques such as making lists to force comic juxtapositions, drawing exercises (why not mine your junk mail for visual reference and inspiration!), and encouragement.

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