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The outstanding jury of Marcos Chin, Dennis Dittrich, Donato Giancola, Vicki Nightingale and Jack Tom chose four finalists this year from 67 entries of the best juniors from art schools across the country. This was no easy task, as I, myself, witnessed throughout this process that the colleges are developing remarkable artists and illustrators. We can only wait to see their talent grow as they become seniors! It was a challenge to be a member of the jury as this jury was extremely impressed by the quality of the entries, which made their decision quite difficult. The four finalists consisted of: Tina Sweep from Ringling, Andrea Rhodes from San Jose State, Christina Mrozik and Adrianne Bulthuis both from Grand Valley State. They were all superb selections.

I would like to congratulate Tina Sweep for being selected the first Zankel Scholar! Her passion for her work is infectious and she is artistically mature beyond her years. After spending a full day getting to know Tina, her enthusiasm for illustration showed itself through her genuine excitement and knowledge of the subject. I know we will see great things from Ms. Sweep in the future.

I would like to congratulate the chairs of all the departments for selecting such exemplary students. Their work reflects the care and pride that all the faculty give to their students and schools and this should always be recognized. Lastly, the Zankel Scholarship could not have been possible if it weren’t for the Society’s hard-working and thoughtful staff. My sincerest thanks go to Director Terrence Brown, Kim Sall, Tara Jacoby and Shaun Reed for their help and support in making this process flow seamlessly. On behalf of myself and the Society of Illustrators, thank you to Judy Francis Zankel for helping create this wonderful opportunity for students all over the United States. We look forward to many more years of awarding this scholarship to deserving students.

Scott Bakal
Education Committee Chairman

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