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Hello from Clare PerniceSaturday Stories presenter and children’s programs consultant at the Society of Illustrators where she also runs workshops for children. Clare is the author/illustrator of Circus Girl and more books coming.

Check out more on her website here:

Visit our Coloring Page for downloadable circus coloring cards created by Clare!

Please enjoy a reading of her book Circus Girl!
When a little girl plays dress up in her leotard and socks she becomes ‘Circus Girl’, star of the show. Even her toys morph into her dreamscape of circus acts. At each page turn she jumps and tumbles, flies through the air, juggles, spins, balances and contorts. Vibrant and winsome, modern and timeless, the illustrations and words convey a captured childhood moment with directness and simplicity.

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Follow along with a Making Things project by Clare! Create your very own Lion Puppet! Watch the video tutorial below, or click here for step by step instructions. 

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