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CATEGORY: Animation

Yuval Haker
Zelle - The Science Behind Scams
Medium: Digital Illustration created in Adobe Photoshop, animated frame by frame in Adobe Animate, composited in Adobe After Effects

Vox Creative (Vox Media’s branded content studio) invited me to direct and design the animated character stories in a series of four explainer videos for Zelle about scamming and fraud. These traditionally animated sequences appear throughout the four explainers and contrast Vox’s trademark scientific-collage-aesthetic.
We wanted to show that anybody can fall for scams (and not just old folks) so I designed the characters to be highly expressive, kind hearted and quirky, yet not overly naive! Their stories are fueled by anxiety, so I wanted to animate the sequence of events in a psychedelic way, morphing between scenes and getting the viewer into the characters’ disoriented subjective worlds.

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Client: Zelle, Vox Media
Art Director: Yuval Haker

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