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CATEGORY: Editorial

Luca D'Urbino
You want help? Here’s a form
Medium: Photoshop digital painting - printed on coated magazine paper

“Of course we’re going to take refugees,” promised Boris Johnson, Britain’s prime minister, as Ukrainians dodged Russian bombs. “The uk is way out in front in our willingness to help.” One hardly dares to imagine what unwillingness would look like. Britain’s treatment of Ukrainian refugees so far has combined foot­dragging, hard­heartedness, ineptitude and dishonesty. It is sadly typical of the government

As the invasion began, European Union countries quickly agreed that all Ukrainians could enter without visas and could

live, work and receive welfare for at least a year. By contrast, the country that Mr Johnson calls “Global Britain”, which supposedly left the stodgy, bureaucratic eu to pursue closer relationships with countries (like Ukraine) that are outside the bloc, came up with the meanest offer imaginable.

The home secretary, Priti Patel, said Ukrainians might be granted refuge if they had close family members already in Britain. But they would have to obtain visas before being let into the country. After all, Russian infiltrators and “extremists” might be trying to sneak in.

Officials even insinuated that Ireland was hazarding Britain’s security by opening its doors.

Client: The Economist
Art Director: Carole Alimo

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