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CATEGORY: Institutional

Sally Wern Comport
Working Hands
Medium: Acrylic and dye pigment on canvas

“Working Hands” is a visual history of the workforce that helped build and support Anne Arundel County in Maryland, an area known for its maritime heritage. The original art is a site-specific seven-foot by 16-foot painted canvas (1 part of a diptych) mural that now resides permanently in the Anne Arundel County Council Chambers, reflecting the everyday people being represented by the governing body. This public art commission was directed by the councilman and facilities managers of the County Government seat in the State’s Capital City. The composition is organized with blocks of color in the style of early 20th-century WPA murals and activated with expressive, painterly and textured brush marks.

Client: Anne Arundel County
Art Director: Christine Romans

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