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Max Loeffler
Stephen King - ES (engl. IT)
Medium: Digitally drawn in Photoshop

The cover reinterprets the famous scene in which Pennywise observes his victim through the manhole cover.
The reduced shape of the manhole cover bars form „ES“,  the German title of the book. If you pull the book out of the slipcase, you pull the bloodthirsty clown out of his lair: the full red linen book block with colored edges appears. For each main part of the book, I created a small opener vignette that features an object of the clown’s victims and within each part there’s a full-page illustration, 5 in total.

Client: solid&bold for Prenguin Random House / Heyne
Art Director: Dominik Langegger, Sergej Ritter-Höntzsch

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