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CATEGORY: Surface-Product Design

Paul Hammond
Space Puffins
Medium: Digital illustration & design for a series of beer cans, printed on metallic poly substrate labels & applied to cans.

The concept for this series of NEIPAs for Newfoundland’s Banished Brewing, was something trippy, & wild based around a fictional species of puffin that lives in space. I wanted to design the labels in a free-form shape, which we achieved using the metallic substrate & white underprint, combining colourful, psychedelic base layers that interact with black only key-art to give the whole thing a very graphic, striking look. We decided to frame the series around the life cycle of the fictional puffin, as it hatches, grows, and travels deeper into space, creating a fun narrative that evolved as the series expanded.

Client: Banished Brewing
Art Director: Craig Farewell

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