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CATEGORY: Surface-Product Design

Daniel Gray-Barnett
Our Breath, Our Song
Medium: Acrylic ink, charcoal, graphite and pastel scanned and assembled digitally. There was also some digital colouring and editing.

Collaboration with Jansz Tasmania winery for their Premium Cuvée gift box.

‘Our Breath, Our Song’ is about the changing relationship that Tasmanians have with Tasmania, its flora and fauna and the flow of air, water, time and people.

Jansz is an iconic Tasmanian brand, so I wanted to bring a sense of Tasmania’s unique environment being a living, breathing thing, and what story it might tell. It felt like it would be a song.

I particularly drew inspiration from the Pipers River region where the Jansz Vineyard makes its home. The river is the perfect symbol to base the artwork around and tie in elements that make the area and Tasmania so special.

I also wanted the art to be unexpectedly vibrant – Tasmania is usually considered low-key and understated but is actually bursting with creativity and life.

Client: Jansz Tasmania
Art Director: Christine Phillips, Caitlin Dennehy

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