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Nora Krug
On Tyranny
Medium: Mixed media (water color, pencil, crayon, paper collage, photography) and digital (Photoshop)

In 2019, the American historian Timothy Snyder asked me if I wanted to illustrate “On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons From the Twentieth Century,” his book of lessons for resisting America’s arc toward authoritarianism. The project seemed to be a perfect continuation of my previous work on history and war, and I immediately agreed. As I worked myself through the book chapter by chapter, I saw Snyder’s predictions unfold in real time under the Donald Trump regime, and it felt as if I were working on a visual diary that documented, week by week, the gradual shift towards totalitarianism that my country was experiencing at the time. It was fulfilling to be given the chance to spend an entire year thinking about a subject that I care about as a person and that felt necessary to me to address as an artist.

Client: Ten Speed Press
Art Director: Cloe Rawlins (art director), Kimmy Tejasindhu (editor), Timothy Snyder (author)

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