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Paulina Wyrt
My brother the wizard, a story about Julian Tuwim
Medium: ink on paper, color digitally

“My brother the wizard, a story about Julian Tuwim” is a book about the childhood of the famous Polish poet. Julek was an amazing playmate and every moment with him was intense and magical.

 In the kitchen, he brewed mysterious “mishculances”, in a cardboard box he had a piece of jungle with a real snake and all alone, as a boy of ten, 

 he went on a trip to … America! He only got to Sieradz, fortunately. The book shows how the industrial city of Lodz, gray and sad, influenced the 

 development of Julek’s imagination, who would most likely be seen as a future accountant or lawyer by a strict father.

Client: Publishing House Wydawnictwo Literatura

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