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CATEGORY: Editorial

Mollie Ong
Ghost Files: Season 1 Illustrations
Medium: White chalk on black paper

In December of 2021, Ryan Bergara approached me with the idea of illustrating for his new youtube series: “Ghost Files”. I had been illustrating for Watcher Entertainment for two years prior, so I was more than happy to tackle this new project. However, Ryan wanted to aim for a distinct look, and proposed the idea of drawing with white on a black background. Initially I was intrigued, but because of the medium, I knew this would require a more complex technique than I had done on their other shows.
For these illustrations, I had to work with the light. But in the horror genre, it often calls for low light scenarios, because at times what you don’t see in an image creates the real horror. So in some instances I had to fabricate the light sources, to ensure a cohesive light logic within the scene. But once I established the light source, or lightest object in the room, it was a matter of keying the other objects to allow for the highlight to come through.

Client: Watcher Entertainment
Art Director: Mark Celestino and Ryan Bergara

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