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CATEGORY: Institutional

Marcos Chin
Art Is
Medium: Digital: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate, and Handmade Textures.

This was an open-ended assignment using the words “Art Is” as inspiration. I chose to explore the words as it related to me and my own art practice. Art is about self-expression; elevating and tilting a light to parts of oneself that are unique and boldly sharing them with others. Being a gay person as well as an immigrant undergirds many of the everyday choices I make in my daily life, and well as the creative ones I choose as an artist. When I created this piece, I centered the concept around someone who is a person of colour, who could be viewed as non-binary because I wanted to highlight and celebrate a community of students and people who have historically been “mis” and “under”represented in public media spaces.

Client: School of Visual Arts, SVA
Art Director: Gail Anderson and Brian Smith

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