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Jensine Eckwall

Infernal Experience

I am an illustrator. My work now finds its most suitable home in books, appearing most distinctively in fantasy, horror, or historical books for young readers ages 8-12. I style my images after medieval illumination, Victorian picture books, and woodblock prints, taking aesthetic cues from the past that are draped over core early influences of 2000s-era internet and goth art, anime, and popular music. Through their antique styling, these images invoke the past to bring a sense of universal truth across time.

In January of 2021 I found myself entering an intensive psychiatric outpatient program and living in my parents’ home for the first time since entering adulthood. I was accompanied this time by my chihuahua, a rescue and a behavioral rehab case himself. That is where “Infernal Experience” was conceived and began. Something between a short film and a music video, “Infernal Experience” is highly personal, but exists within a framework of the ideas of those who came before me, where my present was their past.

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