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The Society of Illustrators’ Distinguished Educator Award is a career honor that recognizes not only the years of successful inspiration and dedication an educator displays, but also the intangible qualities of caring and connecting to one’s students.

I could not think of a better person to receive this honor than Robert Hunt, a rare instructor who is both curious about innovation and well anchored in traditional mediums. Robert connects HIS students to the illustration world through not only his lectures, but by bringing artists to the students at California College of Art and bringing the students to the artists through his yearly trips to NYC from CCA.

I’ve known Robert for years as a colleague and a friend. He is my smart, organized, informed and level-headed friend. He is whom you call when you need information on how to do anything technical about illustration, photography and video. The man is brilliant. He is also the person you would call if you wanted solid, moral advice. Being a friend, I’ve had the benefit of talking to him about illustration, teaching and the future of our industry.

Robert Hunt is what you’d call an A-list illustrator, but he’s also a thoughtful painter who practices at his craft, he terms it “woodshedding”. Robert is also an ‘illustrator’s’ illustrator, as most illustrators regard him as one of the real artists in our community and his work is filled with passion and heart. Robert has worked for most every major publisher and has made a huge mark in our industry. When your illustration instructor is Robert Hunt, you’re in the right class and you will leave that class loving illustration, inspired, motivated and full of insights into how to succeed as an illustrator. No one I’ve met has a better combination of enthusiasm and information, of professional credibility and humility than Robert Hunt.

I am so happy that Robert has been chosen to receive this honor.

Tim O’Brien
President of the Society of Illustrators

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