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My heart leapt with joy when Willis Pyle asked me to talk on Harvey Dunn’s election to the Hall of Fame. It is a signal honor to speak on Mr. Dunn’s behalf.

As Marc Connolly wrote in “Green Pastures”- “PUT OUT ALL DE LIGHTS! AND CALL DE LAWD! RIGHT NOW!”

Mr. Dunn had a favorite quote from the Bible- Paul’s Epistle to the Philippians: “Whatsoever things be true, honest, just, pure, lovely or of good report, if there be any virtue, or any praise, think on these things.” (Don’t think about them.)

Harvey Dunn’s election to the Hall of Fame is a recognition of the profound legacy left by this giant in illustration. The most powerful painter/illustrator of the first half of this century, a magnificent life force, transcendental thinker and great teacher, aware of the brotherhood of man, said, “The only thing true about you is your spirit”.

Through him, students had a direct line to the great painters of the past.

The unity of design and idea, the quality of resonance in his tonal arrangements, were as played upon a mighty organ. He said, there are big ideas, and little ideas, and if you can’t powerful, be charming; to all ideas he was a gracious host. With poetic perception that pierced beyond the facts, he dealt with the epic.

LISTEN! LISTEN! The starry skies and hills are singing, and morning dew glistens on the prairie, and the wind blows the grass- light is everywhere- for where no light enters, there is darkness.

It was a blessed experience to have known Harvey Dunn- and to his name be all glory, majesty, and praise.

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