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Born a year before Burroughs’ first Tarzan serial appeared in All-Story Magazine (and coincidentally in Burroughs’ hometown of Chicago as well), Hogarth brought the Man of the Apes to life via illustrated novels and comic strips. Tarzan was a muscular hero of the jungle. And few have drawn the human body — particularly as it moves — as Hogarth. He was accepted as a student at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1924, when he was only 12 years old. By age 15, he was an assistant cartoonist at Associated Editors’ Syndicate. Starting his work on his well-known Tarzan comic strips in 1937, he continued until 1950 when he left to devote himself to a school he cofounded in 1947, the New York School of Visual Arts. He made it a training ground for all types of artists, most notably those working in comic strips and comic books.

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