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Felicita Sala
As Night Falls: Creatures That Go Wild After Dark


Marla Frazee
The Great Zapfino

Victoria Tentler-Krylov
I’M GONNA PAINT: Ralph Fasanella, Artist of the People


X. Fang
Dim Sum Palace

In Show

Zoey Abbott

Natalia Aguerre
There’s a Monster in the Kitchen!

Renato Alarcao
The Penguin of Ilha Grande: From Animal Rescue to Extraordinary Friendship

Jed Alexander

Selina Alko
Stars of the Night: The Courageous Children of the Czech Kindertransport

Lorena Alvarez
The City Tree 

Hatem Aly
Egyptian Lullaby

Monica Arnaldo
Mr. S

Isabelle Arsenault
Just One Little Light

Anna and Elena Balbusso
Sisters in Science: Marie Curie, Bronia Dluska, and the Atomic Power of Sisterhood

Charnelle Pinkney Barlow
Little Rosetta and the Talking Guitar: The Musical Story of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the Woman Who Invented Rock and Roll

Amy Bates
The Welcome Home

Julie Benbassat
The Book From Far Away

Sylvia Bi and Knack Whittle, Flatter
Ink Girls

Hannes Binder
Sherlock Holmes–The Final Problem

Sophie Blackall
If I Was a Horse

The Magicians

Alexandra Boiger
Lola’s Heart

John J Boulet
Bea Wolf

Anne-Lise Boutin
The Brothers Zzli

Julia Breckenreid
The Pocket Book

Chloe Bristol
Good Books for Bad Children: The Genius of Ursula Nordstrom

Nani Brunini

Cozbi A. Cabrera
Chef Edna: Queen of Southern Cooking: Edna Lewis

Eric Carle
Eric Loves Animals: Just Like You!

Tyler Charlton
The Wave: When You Find Yourself Tumbling

Dream Chen
Everyone Loves Lunchtime but Zia

Cátia Chien
All The Beating Hearts

Cátia Chien
On the Tip of a Wave: How Ai Weiwei’s Art Is Changing the Tide

Lian Cho
Oh No, the Aunts Are Here 

Lian Cho
Oh, Olive!

R. Gregory Christie
Rock, Rosetta, Rock! Roll, Rosetta, Roll! Presenting Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the Godmother of Rock & Roll

Josh Cochran
Sylvester’s Letter

Bryan Collier
Love is Loud: How Diane Nash led the civil rights movement

Bryan Collier
We Are Here

Raul Colón
Pass The Baby

Jen Corace

Matthew Cordell

Ashleigh Corrin
What If One Day…

Kate Cosgrove
A Day With No Words

Dinalie Dabarera
Quiet Time with My Seeya

Mattias de Leeuw
Later, When I’m Big

Christopher Denise
Willow and Bunny

Anna Desnitskaya
On the Edge of the World

Mariachiara Di Giorgio
Let’s Build a Dam!

Tony DiTerlizzi
A Very Cranky Book

Jam Dong
I Ship: A Container Ship’s Colossal Journey

Julie Downing
Night in the City

Gerard DuBois 
Who Owns the Clouds?

Penelope Dullaghan
Thank You, Day

Diana Ejaita
Let: A Poem About Wonder and Possibility 

Diana Ejaita
A Day in the Sun

C. G. Esperanza
Kicks in the Sky

Leo Espinosa
Major Taylor: World Cycling Champion

Leo Espinosa
NO Is All I Know!

Rosana Faría and Carla Tabora
Colorful Mondays: A Bookmobile Spreads Hope in Honduras

Tim Fischer
Under the Blanket Sky

Marla Frazee
In Every Life

Susan Gal
Dear Stray

Ronnie Garcia and Walter Carzon, Interior Colorist
Saving Chupie

Michaela Goade

Golden Cosmos
Ludwig and the Rhinoceros

Blanca Gómez
Very Good Hats

Sarah Gonzales
Maribel’s Year

Sarah Gonzales
The Only Way to Make Bread

E. B.  Goodale
Good Night, Little Bookstore

Hayden Goodman
The Green Piano: How Little Me Found Music

Elizabeth Goss
All About Nothing

Chuck Groenink
Full Moon Pups

Adam Gustavson
UFOhs: Mysteries In The Sky

Hoda Hadadi
Milloo’s Mind

Elizabeth Haidle
Christo and Jeanne-Claude Wrap the World: The Story of Two Groundbreaking Environmental Artists

Abigail Halpin

Hari & Deepti
We, the Curious Ones

Andy Harkness
Wolfboy Is Scared

Jessie Hartland
Ready, Set, Run! The Amazing New York City Marathon

Leanne Hatch
The Brand-New, Never-Used, Perfect Crayons

Ben Hatke
Things in the Basement

Leah Hayes
I Touched the Sun

Ellen Heck and Jon Gray, Hand Lettering
A is for Bee: An alphabet book in translation

Nik Henderson
Granny Rex

Carter Higgins
Some of These Are Snails

Ryan Higgins
Bruce and the Legend of Soggy Hollow

Will Hillenbrand
The Voice in the Hollow

David Hohn
Nana the Great Goes Camping

David Hohn
The River That Woves Moved: A True Tale from Yellowstone

Jeremy Holmes
Mazie’s Amazing Machines

Jonty Howley
The Animal Song

Neesha Hudson
The Best Flower Ever!

Linzie Hunter

Molly Idle
Flora and Friends ABC

Yasmeen Ismail
My Brother is an Avocado

Matt James

Oliver Jeffers
Begin Again: How We Got Here and Where We Might Go—Our Human Story. So Far.

Rahele Jomepour Bell

Kaylani Juanita

Kaylani Juanita
LOUD AND PROUD: The Life of Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm

Lita Judge
Don’t Worry, Wuddles

Maja Kastelic
Adam and His Tuba

Kerascoët (Sébastien Cosset and Marie Pommepuy)
Bear with Me

Kōdo Kimura
Yukie’s Island: My Family’s World War II Story

Jon Klassen
How Does Santa Go Down the Chimney?

Jon Klassen
The Skull

Katie Kordesh
Sam with Ants in His Pants

Vern Kousky
I See You, Sad bear

Renee Kurilla
The Flower Garden

London Ladd
My Red, White and Blue

London Ladd
You So Black

Khoa Le
A Few Beautiful Minutes: Experiencing A Solar Eclipse

Khoa Le
Say My Name

Maribel Lechuga
Night Owl Night

Maribel Lechuga
Pepita Meets Bebita

Qin Leng
A Day for Sandcastles

E. B.  Lewis
THE WALK: A stroll To The Polls

Stevie Lewis
The Queen of Chess: How Judit Polgár Changed the Game

Tom Lichtenheld
The Umbrella

Brian Lies

Grace Lin
Once Upon a Book

Renata Liwska
WINTER: A Solstice Story

Anita Lobel
Good Morning, Good Night: A Book of Opposites in the City

Loren Long
Never Forget Eleanor 

William Low
Welcome to Chinatown

Luciano Lozano
Santiago Saw Things Differently

Corinna Luyken

Jennifer Mack-Watkins
You Gotta Meet Mr. Pierce! The Storied Life of Folk Artist Elijah Pierce

Scott Magoon
The Extincts: Quest for the Unicorn Horn

Scott Magoon

Brizida Magro
Gift & Box

Brizida Magro
Let me Call You Sweetheart: A Confectionery of Affection


Zach Manbeck
Manolo and the Unicorn 

Zach Manbeck
Stanley’s Secret 

Jennifer K. Mann
Maple and Rosemary

Deborah Marcero
If You Get Lost

Marc Martin
We Are Starlings: Inside the Mesmerizing Magic of a Murmuration

Shawn Martinbrough and Adriano Lucas, Colorist
Like Lava in My Veins

Barbara McClintock

Molly Mendoza
Jovita Wore Pants: The Story of a Mexican Freedom Fighter

Molly Mendoza
They Hold the Line: Wildfires, Wildlands, and the Firefighters Who Brave Them

Juliet Menendez
Skyscraper Babies

Erika Meza
To the Other Side

Gwen Millward
Symphony for a Broken Orchestra: How Philadelphia Collected Sounds to Save Music

Daniel Miyares
Nell Plants a Tree

Rhode Montijo
Skeletown: Si.!No!

ShinYeon Moon
Laolao’s Dumplings

Oge Mora
I’m From

Frank Morrison
Harlem at Four

Frank Morrison
How Do You Spell Unfair? MacNolia Cox and the National Spelling Bee

Julie Morstad
The Puppets of Spelhorst

Briana Mukodiri Uchendu
We Could Fly

Victo Ngai
Shining a Light: Celebrating 40 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Who Changed the World

Tuan Nini
Dear Brother

Linda Olafsdottir
I DARE! I CAN! I WILL! The Day the Icelandic Women Walked Out and Inspired the World

Helen Oxenbury
Welcome to the World

Sophie Page
Story Quilts: Appalachian Women Speak

Sara Palacios
Hopefully the Scarecrow

Sara Palacios
Martina Has Too Many Tías

Charly Palmer
The Legend of Gravity: A Tall Basketball Tale

Juan Palomino
The Young Teacher and the Great Serpent

Jason Pamment
Ember and the Island of Lost Creatures

John Parra
Spanish is the Language of My Family

Julie Paschkis

Matt Patterson
The Book of Turtles

LeUyen Pham
The Together Tree

Brian Pinkney and Jerry Pinkney
A Walk In The Woods

Claire Powell
Peculiar Primates: Fun Facts About These Curious Creatures

Sandhya Prabhat
A Garden In My Hands

Maria Cristina Pritelli

Jerome Pumphrey and Jarrett Pumphrey
There Was a Party for Langston

Sean Qualls

Phùng Nguyên Quang and Huynh Kim Liên
My Grandfather’s Song

James Ransome
The Story of the Saxophone

Raúl the Third and Elaine Bay, Colorist
¡Vamos! Let’s Go Read

Christian Robinson
Something, Someday

Christian Robinson
Twenty Questions

Eric Rohmann


Cecilia Ruiz
Mr. Fiorello’s Head

Mariana Ruiz Johnson
Luna Ranchera

Sonia Sánchez
Love Made Me More

John Sandford

Dan Santat
A First Time For Everything

Dan Santat
The Secret Society of Aunts & Uncles

Charles Santoso
I Will Read to You

Júlia Sardà
Moving the Millers’ Minnie Moore Mine Mansion: A True Story

Matthew Schufman
Fraser the Forest Ranger

Brian Selznick
Big Tree

Anait Semirdzhyan
They’re Heroes Too: A Celebration of Community

Natalia Shaloshvili
The Three Little Mittens

David Small
Cat’s Very Good Day

Briony Smith
The Little Books of the Little Brontës

Lane Smith
Stickler Loves the World

Sydney Smith
Do You Remember?

Sydney Smith
My Baba’s Garden

David Soman
Papa’s Home

Jacob Souva
Flowers are Pretty… Weird!

Becca Stadtlander
What Music!  The Fifty-Year Friendship Between Beethoven and Nanette Streicher, Who Built Pianos

Diana Sudyka
Little Land

Anna Süßbauer
Watch Out For The Lion!

Kristina Swarner
A Family Prayer

Melissa Sweet
How to Write a Poem

Corey R. Tabor
Simon and the Better Bone

Maryam Tahmasebi
Empty and Me: A Tale of Friendship and Loss

Olivier Tallec
Rabbit, Duck, and Big Bear

Maya Tatsukawa
Mole Is Not Alone

Mark Teague
How Do Dinosaurs Learn to be Kind

Zoë Tilley Poster
Pete and Leonie: The Great Baby Swap

Øyvind Torseter

Evan Turk
To See Clearly: A Portrait of David Hockney

Sol Undurraga
The Beach

Chris Van Dusen
Big Truck, Little Island

Ed Vere
The Artist

Jeska Verstegen
Bear Is Never Alone

Rowboat Watkins
Go-Go Guys

Lenny Wen
Empanadas for Everyone

Lenny Wen
Spicy Spicy Hot!

Brendan Wenzel
Every Dreaming Creature

Nancy Whitesides
Grief is an Elephant

Ruth Whiting
Lonely Bird

Fiona Woodcock
Silver Linings

J Yang
If You’re A Kid Like Gavin: The true story of a young trans activist

Eugenia Yoh and Vivienne Chang
This Is Not My Home

Gracey Zhang
One More Jar of Jam

Gracey Zhang
When Rubin Plays

Chengliang Zhu
Playing With Lanterns

Jaime Zollars
The Night Frolic

Balint Zsako
Bunny & Tree

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