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Work-in-progress, or ‘WIP’ will be a step-by-step exhibit revealing the intriguing illustration process from initial client assignment, to thumbnails, to the finished printed artwork.  The exhibition will show the wide spectrum of approaches and methods used to arrive at the final illustration.

WIP artwork must be a client-driven assignment, exhibiting the professional problem-solving solutions, thumbnails, sketches, brainstorming, presentation, and collaboration between the Illustrator and the Client, resulting in a masterful artwork.

Your entry into WIP will display one or more of the following of your personal process:

  • Problem Solving
  • Brainstorming
  • Inspiration
  • Preparation
  • Sketch Stages
  • Thumbnails
  • Layout
  • Initial Notes/Feedback
  • Reference

A jury will determine the best among the entries to receive the Stevan Dohanos Award.

Curated by Leslie Cober.



  • Any Illustrator or Illustrator-S of the Society of Illustrators is eligible to enter this exhibit.
  • Objects created by or featuring A.I. Generated or Assisted art are not eligible for this exhibit.
  • Artwork must represent a client-driven project.

Artists Agreement: Before shipping art please email to receive the Artist Agreement. Agreements must be filled out in order for work to hang in the exhibit.

Framing Criteria: A maximum of two 14”x 18” black frames per assignment are required.

  • Frame 1 will exhibit work-in-progress.
  • Frame 2 will exhibit your finished artwork (and can include additional problem-solving).

Your WIP can be digitally reduced to fit several ideas into one frame.

Art may be created in any medium including oil, watercolor, digital, collage, etc. The framed final completed illustration can either be original artwork or a display of the printed assignment layout.

All framed artworks should be prepared to hang. Work must be framed with wire on the back. The Society will be using safety clips to secure art to the walls. For this reason we request wood frames.

Artist Statement: Artwork must be accompanied by a paragraph description:

  • In 75 words or less describe your unique WIP from assignment start to completion.
  • This will be printed on a label next to your artwork.
  • Paragraphs may be emailed to 

Important Dates

Deadline for art to be sent to the Society of Illustrators: October 20, 2023

Exhibit Dates: November 8 – December 23, 2023

Opening Reception: Friday, November 17, 2023

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