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American Bystander Magazine! (Issue No. 7)



Welcome to the blog of The American Bystander, the all-star print humor quarterly. We acknowledge the internet only grudgingly, but have decided to put down our buggywhips and create a cubbyhole online where we could stick a few pieces from each issue, and give our staff a place to publish timely stuff. Enjoy!’
— The Editors.

In October 2015, an agglomeration of genial weirdos came together to create The American Bystander, the first national humor magazine in nearly 20 years. We wanted to show there was a place for print humor in the 21st Century; in a dumbness-forward era, we wanted to present if not an antidote, at least an alternative. What the world needs now is therapy on a species-wide scale; until then, there’s The American Bystander.

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