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Batman Kanji Women’s T-Shirt

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80 years of fighting for good. 

Nobody stops crime better than Bruce Wayne. After 80 years of cleaning up Gotham City, Batman hasn’t slowed down a bit. Putting other younger superheroes to shame, Bruce might have had to replace most of his bones over the years but is still kicking butt like a pro.

Now you can celebrate almost 100 years of awesome adventure with this epic Batman 80th Big Framed Kanji Cover women’s tee shirt. Featuring Batman blending into his surroundings, this sweet Kanji Cover t-shirt is sure to have you jumping from roof to roof in style.

*Note: This product ships direct from the manufacturer with standard shipping to the United States only. This item may arrive at a different time than other items in your order. Please allow up to an additional 3 business days processing time. 

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