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Igor Karash
VICTOR: A Soldier's Story
Medium: Digital

Written by a brother and sister, Victor: a Soldier’s Story will be an approximately 200-page nonfiction graphic memoir that tells the story of their grandfather’s youth. A university student just out of his teens when Germany invaded the USSR during WWII, Victor Torkanovsky ended up fighting in two of Russia’s most famous battles against the Nazis: the defense of Leningrad and the battle of Stalingrad. Taking part in arrests by the secret police, interpreting interrogations of German prisoners, starving nearly to death, being evacuated over a frozen lake, manning an antitank gun at Stalingrad, surviving an anti-Soviet rebellion–these were just some of the activities this economics student in thick glasses found himself doing instead of homework assignments. In the United States, he would have been part of the “Greatest Generation.” But in the Soviet Union, Victor and his peers were never permitted to talk openly about what they saw and lived through because it did not square with the official view of the war. It was only after the collapse of the USSR that he was able to tell his grandchildren, who had grown up away from him in America, the truth about his traumatic experiences as a young man.

Client: Luba Ostashevsky, Eugene Ostashevsky

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