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Rebecca Mock
The Printmaker
Medium: Digital

For the cover of AirBnB Magazine “Makers” issue. This special issue celebrates artists and craftspeople around the world. The brief asked for a scene that portrayed the moment of creation. I painted a scene in a printmaking studio, when the artist pulls their print off the press. I wanted to create a full scene, showing other projects still in progress, clutter and creative chaos, filled with small details that one always finds in a well-lived-in art studio. This assignment came to me during a time when I was recovering from tendonitis in my drawing hand, and facing questions like “Why am I an artist?” and “What drives me to create?” as I worked hard to return to my own practice. I filled this piece with memories of my favorite studios- those spaces where I’ve always felt the most energized and peaceful.

Client: AirBnB
Art Director: Mallory Roynon

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