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Andrea Altamirano
Surviving Abuse
Medium: Digital (Manuals for Surviving) is an NGO project that integrates through a digital platform, stories from survivors of sexual abuse, the steps they followed to overcome this experience, and grants access to aid and resources in order to inspire and facilitate other victims to seek help.

These images are a short excerpt of the real story of “Gracia”, a woman who survived sexual abuse from her stepfather during the age of 7 to 13. My aim was to create strong symbolic imagery that clearly communicates the severity of the portrayed situation without being graphic, to avoid becoming a painful trigger for a survivor to watch. I approached it from the experience of abuse being part of my family history.

Sexual abuse is a silent but painfully common cancer in Latin America that needs more attention and awareness. With the aid of illustrations and animation, the purpose of this project is to create dialogue, defeat taboos, and be of service as a shelter, to help survivors regain control of their own lives.

Client: Manuales para Sobrevivir
Art Director: Orlando Alvarez

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