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Shira Inbar
Stamp Set, 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing, San Marino
Medium: Oil

This philatelic set, printed as a lenticular and published with accompanying videos, celebrates the first human moon landing in 1969, through the lens of movement. The first stamp focuses on the historic moment in which Neil Armstrong’s foot finally touched the surface of the moon. The second stamp reflects the voyage of the Apollo command and service module. Finally, the third stamp captures the head of an astronaut, with the earth in the background. This astronaut could be one of the three Apollo 11 crew members looking out into space, and could also be an astronaut today or in the future, looking back at the voyage that marked a historic achievement for humanity and the steps taken to achieve it. The three stamps are connected to one another with a path tracing the route that was taken to reach the moon and return to earth. The lenticular technique in which the stamps are printed reflects the journey between two points in time and space, inviting the viewer to travel back and forth to infinity.

Client: San Marino Philatelic Numismatic Office
Art Director: Gianni Sinni

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