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Miranda Nichols
Self-Reflection Series
Medium: Gouache on paper

‘Self Reflection’ is an ongoing series of gouache paintings based on photographic self-portraits captured in windows and other reflective surfaces throughout day-to-day life. These subtle moments draw attention to the flaws in our mechanisms of perceiving, offering just enough coherence to begin to make sense of the scene, before opening up into a flattened field of colors with no distinct foreground or focus. The eye is free to wander throughout the image, drawing open-ended interpretations of the relationships between shapes. In the absence of a clearly defined depth of field, the viewer is invited to consider a third-space, where foreground, background, middleground and subject all become one. As someone whose identity is not neatly categorized, and often erased, the artist catches the most honest glimpses of themself in these ambiguous third spaces. 

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