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Party of One Studio
Seizure City
Medium: Photographic illustration

Header image and spots for Playboy. The January 2020 Equality Issue. Illustrations ran alongside an article about South LA neighborhoods using eviction and property seizures, based on often thin evidence of gang activity, to displace residents in a form of government-sponsored gentrification. For the main image, a small-scale Monopoly board was created to represent the Crenshaw district, filled with handmade storefronts in the area—namely, Nipsey Hustle’s clothing store, Marathon. Each storefront was cut, built, and painted in balsa wood, with custom signage added to bring each business to life. Spot illustrations support the Monopoly game theme and reinforce the swift and sometimes random judgment residents face in the name of cleaning up a community.

Client: Playboy
Art Director: Regina Rosato

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