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Cecilia Abeid
New Millennium
Medium: Stop motion animation created from scratch with paper, cardboard, wire, cotton, thread and fabric.

Stop motion video clip created by Antonio Arraes and Cecilia Abeid for Brazilian musicians JOCA & Gr√£o Mestre, produced by MangoLab and Redley, for Redley Records, about creating art in the New Millennium. All sets, dolls, and scenes were created fully from scratch with basic materials such as wire, thread, paper, and plasticine. Full production and editing were made in 30 days, from creating every element to staging, filming, editing, and final cuts. The single includes a cover that can be seen on Spotify and limited edition t-shirts sold at Redley. Direction and script by Antonio Arraes and art direction, creation, design, and engineering by Cecilia Abeid.

Client: Redley (Brazilian clothing brand) | Redley Records (Record label for Redley) | MangoLab (Brazilian music producer)
Art Director: Cecilia Abeid

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