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Eugenia Mello
Medium: Digital

“Moving” is the result of trying to make sense of my childhood experience by exploring how to visually convey feelings of displacement, loneliness and change. In search of giving shape to the intangible I explored color in relation to rhythm, movement, and its progression throughout the story’s emotional arc. I used texture and the musical quality of certain brushstrokes to convey energy or the lack-of-it, and dynamic or static compositions so that Sofi’s context would tell of her interior struggles or victories. The overall idea was to try to communicate the notion of change as a fluid aspect of life, as a “moving” piece and that, as such, it is best faced by moving with it. In presenting Sofi’s emotional journey and her struggles with moving “forward”, I tried to get at what it is that motivates that forward motion in life. This book is an effort to channel emotions and allow for conversations with young readers about change and what it means to feel at home.

Client: Victionary

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