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André da Loba
Lisbon 5L
Medium: Digital

These images are part of a series commissioned by Lisbon’s city-hall in a campaign that connects the subway to the history of the places it now occupies. Each image is related to a letter written in the 18th and 19th centuries sent from an address around the subway line stops. It makes you travel in time and connect to the “daily commute” people experienced 200 years ago in the same place you are now. It is amazing the layers of daily history this initiative brings to life. My idea for these illustrations was to use those layers and propose intricate images that require some time to read. Between a secret love, soldering life, a murder, a broken sewage pipe, a murder, a lone traveller, being fired, a son that left Brasil looking for a better life. Life was as full of drama as it is today and I am sure everyone can relate to it

Client: Lisbon City Hall
Art Director: José Pinho

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