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Jennifer Daniel
Emoji Kitchen
Medium: Digital

Emoji are an irrepressible world-wide phenomenon. Their usefulness expressing sentiment, strengthening expression, and adjusting tone in digital communications is evidenced in 92% of the online population using them! ????????????
Language emerges from human minds interacting with one another. It’s visible in the unstoppable change we see through jargon and the formation of new languages like texting and emoji. Like words, we see people turning emoji nouns into verbs, stringing emoji together to create entirely new concepts, and memes mushing emoji together. ????????????????
However, given the technical complexity that comes with rendering and distributing emoji it can take up to two years to propose one to it landing on your phone. That’s where Emoji Kitchen steps in- people can now be as creative with emoji as they are with language by mixing two things together to create an entirely new concept. All, without leaving their keyboard. What’s particularly unique about this feature is that it allows emoji to operate at the speed of language. ?????????
The emoji combos are not computer generated- all 15,000 (you read that right fifteen-thousand) are hand-crafted. ?????????
How does it work?
Tap an emoji, a set of related emoji combinations are suggested (thousands available).
Lightweight experience! Only a few taps to get relevant emoji. Supported on popular messaging apps.

Client: Google
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