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Jody Hewgill
Dance, Girl, Dance
Medium: Acrylic on gessoed panel

Blu-ray, and DVD cover for ‚ÄúDance, Girl, Dance‚Äù by Dorothy Arzner for Criterion Collection. A behind-the-footlights look at friendship, jealousy, and ambition in the ruthless world of show business, the film follows the intertwining fates of two chorus girls: a starry-eyed dancer (Maureen O‚ÄôHara) who dreams of making it as a ballerina and the brassy gold digger (a scene-stealing Lucille Ball) who becomes her rival both on the stage and in love. Initially, I was leaning towards a B/W final painting, but I worked up a multitude of color comps, before art director Eric Skillman and I settled on this gold palette to emphasize the theme of ambition, and to reflect the aesthetic of movie posters from the ‚Äô40s. The compositional arrangement made use of scale and a contrast in color values to reflect posters from the period. Painting Lucille’s portrait as a monochromatic gold face was a first for me, and I had a blast painting those semi-translucent frilly sleeves on Maureen‚Äôs ballerina dress.

Client: The Criterion Collection
Art Director: Eric Skillman

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