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Daniel Torrent
Cerdanyola Blues Festival
Medium: Graphite, watercolor, digital

When I thought about the blues festival poster it was clear to me that the protagonist would be the musician, and from the very beginning I decided that I would be the double bass player for several reasons: the first is that it represents like no other musician the fusion that is created between the performer and his instrument, the fact of having a similar volume creates a relationship between the man and instrument of complicity and close friendship.
On the other hand the double bass is an instrument that does not shine within the ensemble, it rarely performs alone and rarely do the performers achieve the recognition of vocalists, pianists or saxophonists, but without it the music falls to pieces, because it is who puts the density and sets the pace.
On a formal level I have tried to reproduce the blues style with visual media through a spontaneous stroke, impossible to repeat twice as much. Referring to the improvised character of this style, the unsaturated and dark blue of the background apart from referring to the very name of blues, creates an introspective and dense atmosphere that contrasts with the dissonant and sour notes of pinks and yellows, and the deliberately simple and graphic style that corresponds to the immediacy of the blues.

Client: Cerdanyola City Council
Art Director: Chema Romero

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