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Taylor Feld

Transmissions In Bloom

Whether it’s art, film, music, or food, I’ve found that I’m captivated more by the creative process than by the finished work itself. As a graduate student at FIT, I spent the first two years exploring different image making approaches but hadn’t yet found one that felt true to how I intrinsically think and work. My thesis finally changed that. Trying to get my project off the ground made evident that I simply don’t think or work in a linear way, so my process needed to adapt to my idiosyncrasies and more importantly I needed to embrace them. In addition, I realized I wanted to create narrative imagery that was more interpretive than literal, that focused on mood and theme instead of narrative specifics and story continuity. So I built a project with a set of boundaries and limitations which allowed me to work freely and productively while staying focused on a unifying theme. As my thesis evolved I began to find solutions that helped me produce the work I wanted as well as give me a working process that I could apply to forthcoming projects.

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