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Shuyi Li

The Story of The Doggo Prince

As someone who has always been curious about the world, I was the kid who loved the souvenirs that were brought back from overseas. Touching them always brought up beautiful imaginations of lands from far away. Knowing my interest in foreign cultures, my mum sent me abroad at the age of 16. Being alone in a new environment was fascinating, as well as confusing, and sometimes intimidating. After living in a foreign country for 6 years, I returned home with things I still treasure today.

Having seen how people live in other countries gave me new lenses on observing my old system. Having met new people of different cultures also enriched my understanding of human characters and qualities. It was also when I started noticing the prejudices that exist within me and other people. This is why I want to create stories that encourage people to walk out of their comfort zone, as it is a great way to address potential prejudices.

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Cover of the book

Opening page

Spread: As the Doggo Prince grew up

Spread: Isle of the Elephant

Single page: First meeting with weasels

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Cover of the book image, part 2

Home of the Doggo Prince

Childhood of the Doggo Prince

As the Doggo Prince grew up

Isle of the Elephant

Walking towards the Elephant King

First meeting with weasels

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Character Development 1

Character Development 2

Character Development 3

Process work

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