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Frances DiGiovanna

Long Island! My Island!

The successive growth-stages of my infancy, childhood, youth and manhood were all pass’d on Long Island…” –Walt Whitman, Specimen Days

Throughout my life, I’ve curated a paper trail of personal art, journals, letters, notes, objects, and photographs that serve as touchstones to the natural evolution of my growth as an artist. The items in this trail are physical representations of attitudes, tastes, and ideas that I feel compelled to keep, even from my earliest years. These assets are sacred to me and continually inspire the autobiographical art I create.

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Inspired by my 20+ summers on eastern Long Island, I have created a body of work illustrating seven of my most beloved places, all through a nostalgic lens and a modern hand. Through mixed media, including collage, printmaking, graphite, ink, acrylic, and gouache, Long Island! My Island! showcases the importance of these destinations through images that collectively reflect my memorable experiences.

I create art because it feels good. At its best, it is the vehicle that allows me to nuance and glamourize my past and present in a way that feels authentic to me, especially when I cannot express myself fully in those moments.


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