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The Society is proud to present a rare opportunity to view some of the greatest fantasy masterpieces of our time. Presenting a grouping of illustrations of imaginative literature from the Korshak Collection, on display in Gallery 1 & 2.

“As a young man I was fortunate enough to grow up with great art in my bedroom. My father, Erle Korshak, was the publisher of a pioneering science fiction book company, Shasta Publishers. Shasta ushered in the transition of important science fiction literature from magazines printed on cheap pulp paper to hardcover, library-quality books. Much of that art lived with us at our house and at the company office in Chicago.

In particular, the J. Allen St. John illustration for the 1941 Amazing Stories magazine cover of John Carter battling the Dead in “The City of Mummies” lured me into a fantastic world that I never knew existed. I read and enjoyed the Edgar Rice Burroughs story behind the illustration but for me, the illustration itself gave me a sense of wonder I had never previously experienced.

So began a lifelong love affair with illustration art. This collection is a vision of the fantastic. It is one of great illustrators, as well as illustrations that had a great influence on imaginative literature.”

– Stephen Korshak, collector

An Opening Reception will be held on Friday, June 16th. Open to the public beginning at 7:30PM. Learn more…

William R. Flint (Scottish, 1880-1969)
“She Had Trod Many Sicilian Fields”
Watercolor, glazed
Originally published in The Scholar Gipsy Thyris, a poem by Matthew Arnold
London: Philip Lee Warner, 1910, illus. p. 55

Frank R. Paul (1884-1963)
“Moon Doom”
Gouache on illustration board
First published as cover of Wonder Stories magazine for “The Moon Doom” written by Nathanial Salisbury, Stellar Publishing Corp., Feb, 1933.

Gustaf Tenggren (Swedish-Am., 1896-1970)
“The Witch from Karlekens Under”
Watercolor, gouache on illustration board
Originally published in Bland Tomtar och Troll “Karlekens under” by Ellen Lundberg-Nublom
Stockholm: Ahlen & Akerlunds Forlag, 1922

Virgil Finlay (1914-1971)
“The Lovers”
Scratchboard, pen and ink
Originally appeared in Startling Stories magazine for “The Lovers” written by Philip Jose Farmer, Better Publication, August 1952.

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