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The Society is thrilled to host this year’s MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of Excellence winners in an exhibit featuring original art from their award-winning books.

Chosen by a jury of professional peers, the Awards of Excellence are given out to recognize the most outstanding work on view at the festival created by an independent artist.

Society of Illustrators Executive Director Anelle Miller says, “The exhibitors at the MoCCA Arts Festival are among the most daring and inventive voices in comics and illustration working today, and we are pleased to celebrate their important work and advance the Society’s long heritage of recognizing the finest artists in all fields of illustration with the MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of Excellence.”

This year’s winners include:

Glynnis Fawkes, Ancient Party
Glynnis Fawkes, Miriam
Haan Lee, Totem Molt
Leon Edler, Lassie
Leon Edler, My Favourite Funny Book
Rosa Chang, I’m not your comfort zone
Anuj Shrestha, Where’s The Ball?—GOLD MEDAL
Anuj Shrestha, City
Siobhan Gallagher, Focus
Siobhan Gallagher, Girlhood
Siobhan Gallagher, Hang Out—SILVER MEDAL
Siobhan Gallagher, Humidity
Siobhan Gallagher, I Quit
Ellis Rosen, Give it a chance
Ellis Rosen, Something I Have to Tell You
Ellis Rosen, Prime Real Estate
Dingding Hu, Imagine
Aditi Damie, Life Right Now
Hayley Thornton-Kennedy, We March Together—SILVER MEDAL
Sena Kwon, Dragon lives under the mountains
Alfonso de Anda, Thieves

Brian Elig, The May Queen
John Malta, Quest Crusher
Joy Ho, Dogsworld—SILVER MEDAL
Ryan Cho, God Blessed America For Me
Ryan Cho, Herman (A Mazzy Star Interview)
Deepti Sunder, Herbert the Hungry Monster Fortune Teller
A.T. Pratt, Mr. MiSocki Volume 1—SILVER MEDAL
Amanda Chung, Re-Collection—GOLD MEDAL
Jasiyot Singh Hans, Baby Let’s Cruise
Peter and Maria Hoey, Blue Moon Flower Blue

Penelope Bagieu, California Dreamin—GOLD MEDAL
Patrick Crotty, Internal Affairs
Glynnis Fawkes, Greek Diary—SILVER MEDAL
Jess Fink, Chester 5000
Wai Wai Pang, Ripples
Bob Sikoryak, Terms and Conditions—SILVER MEDAL

Natalie Andrewson, Big Sister
Josh Fronk, Gobo Fango
Peter & Maria Hoey, Coin Op #6—GOLD MEDAL
John Malta, Living Land—SILVER MEDAL
Jasiyot Singh, Hans To Babes, With Love—SILVER MEDAL

Winning artists will be presented with Gold and Silver Medals at the MoCCA Arts Festival After-Party on April 1st.

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