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The art of the fantastic gives vision to our dreaded nightmares and our most fervent hopes. Stories of fantasy and science fiction have risen from the quaint traditions of the tribal storyteller through children’s fables and pulp magazines to dominate today’s cultural mainstream. Through their use on the covers of bestselling books, to their appearance in blockbuster movies, TV shows and videogames, illustrative images play a central role in the appeal and popular acceptance of the fantastic narrative and the Society of Illustrators is pleased to celebrate this rite of passage with an exhibition of more than 100 examples of the genre’s finest artistic works. MASTERS OF THE FANTASIC encompasses a full range of otherworldly images—from dragons, specters and demons, to the far reaches of deep space—in the form of paintings, drawings and sculpture, highlighting the works of the artistic innovators who have given shape and substance to the world’s most imaginative kinds of storytelling.

A reception will be held on Friday, March 29th.

Included in the exhibition are the works of the following artists:

Boris Artzybasheff
Wayne Barlowe
Julie Bell
John Berkey
Rick Berry
Hannes Bok
Chesley Bonestell
Joseph Clement Coll
Kinuko Y. Craft
Peter de Sève
Leo and Diane Dillon
Vincent Di Fate
Dean Ellis
Ed Emshwiller
Virgil Finlay
Robert R. Foster
Frank Frazetta
Fred Freeman, Jr.
Donato Giancola
Jeffrey Jones
Kam Mak
Everett Raymond Kinstler
Paul Lehr
Gregory Manchess
Robert T. McCall
Winsor McCay
Harold W. McCauley
Rowena Morrill (*)
John Jude Palencar
Willy Pogany
Richard Powers
Don Ivan Punchatz
Hubert Rogers
Charles Santore
John Schoenherr
Murray Tinkelman
Boris Vallejo
Michael Whelan

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