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Celebrating its 60th anniversary of publication, the Society of Illustrators is pleased to present the premier showcase for illustrators, featuring over 400 pieces of the most outstanding works created throughout each year. Open to artists worldwide, thousands of entries are considered by a jury of professionals, which include renowned illustrators, art directors and designers.

Gold and silver medals are presented to the illustrators and art directors whose works are judged the best in each category.

The first part of this two-part exhibit features work in the Advertising, Institutional, Surface/ Product Design, and Uncommissioned categories.

Uncommissioned pieces include all self-generated work such as portfolio samples. Silver Medals are awarded to Gizem Vural for Morning Commute, Luyi Wang for Reigning Heads, and Olimpia Zagnoli for How to Eat Spaghetti Like a Lady. Gold Medals are awarded to Toko Hosoya for Earthstar, Vikki Chu for Frog King, and Brian Rea for Election Anxiety.

Artwork in the Advertising category are works created to sell a product, such as consumer ads, billboards, theater posters, and point-of-purchase. Silver Medals are awarded to Lisk Feng for AirBnB Harlem (Client: Airbnb+Studiokoto, Art Director: Dave Raxworthy, Katey Harvey), Tatsuro Kiuchi for Good Morning 2 (Criterion, AD: Eric Skillman), and Alie Suzuki for Plaiadon Press (Client: PLAIADEN, Art Director: Naohiro Kamiya)Gold Medals are awarded to David Plunkert for Theater Project, Ryan Hartley Smith for El Ciclon (Client: YoungArts, Art Director: Lee Cohen Hare, Yara Travieso), Daniel Zender for Nike Shirt (Client: Nike, Art Director: Hayley Champoux).

The Institutional category includes work commissioned by an institution such as government services, in-house, or a corporation. Silver Medals are awarded to Francesco Bongiorni for One Million Steps (Client: Doctors Without Borders / Illustri Festival), João Fazenda for International Children’s Book Day (DGLAB), and Rick Meyerowitz for Meltropolis 2118. (Client: The New York Public Library). Gold Medals are awarded to Esther Goh for Lin Bo Seng’s Diary (Client: National Museum of Singapore), Eugenia Mello for Hope for the Day (Client: Hope for the Day Organization, Art Director: Katie Cantrall – DemoDuck), and Yarek Waszul for Grimes- Art Angels (Client: Polaris Music Prize, Art Director: Gilbert Li)

And new this year is the Surface/ Product Design category, which features work used on merchandise such as carpets, pillows, rugs, clothing etc., and can include repeat patterns seen on wrapping paper, wallpaper and other various textiles. Silver Medals are awarded to Christopher Darling for Hough Mural (Client: Oriana House, Art Director: Illya Mcgee), Mark Fredrickson for Swim Before Sunset (Client: Ceaco Puzzles, Art Director: Jerry Lofaro), and Phoebe Wahl for Slow Food Calendar (Client: Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress, Art Director: Carly James). Gold Medals are awarded to Jun Cen for Avantissimo (Client: Fidenza Village, Art Director: Cristian Grossi), Vikki Chu for Palace Grounds Children’s Bedding Collection (Client: Anthropologie, Art Director: Julie Gwin), and Johanna Goodman for The Catalogue of Imaginary Beings (Client: Habitat Skateboards, Art Director: Joe Castrucci).

An Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony will take place on Friday, January 5th.

Learn about the second part of this two-part exhibit, Illustrators 60: Book and Editorial categories, here.

Click here to view the online directory of artists featured in Illustrators 60.

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