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The premier showcase for illustrators, the Society of Illustrators Annual Exhibition features over 400 pieces of the most outstanding works created throughout each year. Open to artists worldwide, thousands of entries are considered by a jury of professionals, which include renowned illustrators, art directors and designers.

Gold and silver medals are presented to the illustrators and art directors whose works are judged the best in each category.

In the first part of this two-part exhibit, works featured in the Uncommissioned, Institutional, and Advertising categories are on display.

Uncommissioned pieces include all self-generated work such as portfolio samples. Gold medals go to Lorenzo Gritti for Portraits, Nancy Liang for Old Spaces, and Wendy Cong Zhao for Pangs. Silver medals go to Thomas Colligan for Small Notes, Tim O’Brien for Jack Johnson, and Daniel Zender for Hyakki Yagyo.

Institutional represents work commissioned by an institution such as government services, in-house, or a corporation. Examples include greeting cards, newsletters, philatelic work and collectibles. Gold medals go to Mighty Casey: The Vincible Hero of Mudville by Kadir Nelson (The National Pastime Museum), and Adult Swim Food Chain Pyramid Repeating Pattern by Joseph Veazey (Adult Swim), and The Junction – Chilly Gonzales & Peaches | Red Bull Music Academy by Patrick Doyon (Red Bull Music Academy, AD: Jeff Hamada). Silver medals go to MVX by Pieter Van Eenoge, From The Window by George Wylesol (Vinyl Moon, AD: Brandon Bogajewicz), and 117 Adams by Jing Wei (Etsy, Inc., AD: Drew Freeman, Jenny Kutnow, Julia Hoffman).

Artwork in the Advertising category are works created to sell a product, such as consumer ads, billboards, theater posters, and point-of-purchase. Gold medals go to Platform by Jillian Tamaki (MTA Arts & Design, AD: Amy Hausmann), Felt + Fat by Armando Veve (Felt + Fat, AD: Joel Evey and Nathaniel Mell), and Don’t Be a Settler by Marc Burckhardt (DirecTV, AD: Doug Fallon). Silver medals go to Frat Star (cover) by Edward Kinsella (Frat Star Movie LLC, AD: Grant Johnson), Vans: All Weather by Julian Glander (Vans, AD: Margaux Olverd, Tumblr Creatrs), and Lukullus Pâtisserie by Ola Niepsuj (Lukullus).

An Awards Ceremony will take place on Friday, January 6th.  To see a full list of featured artists click here.

Learn about the second part of this two-part exhibit, Illustrators 59: Book and Editorial categories, here.

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