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The Society of Illustrators is pleased to present the third part of the three-part annual Comic and Cartoon Art Exhibit. Voted on by a prestigious group of professionals including publishers, editors, and artists, this year’s show features work by masters in the field alongside talented newcomers.

Gold and Silver medals are awarded to top pieces displaying high-quality technique, a strong narrative, and an interesting composition. Medals winners will also receive the M. Prize, a financial award given in memory of Timothy Patrick Moynihan. Gold medalists will each receive $200 and silver medalists will receive $100. An Opening Reception and Awards Presentation for all medal winners will take place on Friday, June 17th beginning at 6PM at the Society of Illustrators.

Art displayed in Part Three of the Comic and Cartoon Art Annual includes pieces in the Short Form and Digital Media categories.

The Short Form category includes work that is two pages or more, but shorter than 40 pages such as stand-alone work, zines, comic books and work that has been published in anthologies. A gold medal is awarded to Eleanor Davis and Drew Weing for “Flop To The Top!” (Raw Junior, Toon Books). Silver medals go to Patt Kelley for “Fedor” (Hic & Hoc Publications) and Tom Motley for “Cartozia Tales #8 pp 1-4 “The Voyage of the Verbeekens” (Cartozia Press).

Digital Media includes work that is native to a digital format such as web comics, online comic strips, and other digitally driven works. A gold medal is awarded to Melanie Gillman for “As the Crow Flies”. Silver medals go to Ligang Luo for “The Umbrella” and Rina Ayuyang for “A Cartoonist’s Diary” (The Comics Journal).

To see a full list of featured artists click here.

Melanie Gillman
“As the Crow Flies”
Colored pencil

Eleanor Davis and Drew Weing
“Flop to the Top!”
Raw Junior, Toon Books

Patt Kelley
Hic & Hoc Publications
Watercolor, digital ink

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